Steve Ryan is recognized as one of the world's more prolific creators of puzzles with more than 12,000 brain busting bafflers to his credit.  His books have challenged puzzle enthusiasts of all ages for more than a quarter of a century.

IQ Boosters IQ Boosters

Stretch Your Brain to the Limit!

From head-scratching challenges to hair-pulling bafflers, the puzzles in IQ Boosters will test your powers of logic, reasoning, ingenuity, and wordplay. 

You'll find Geometracts, a visually vexing boggler; as well as Tic-Tac-Topology, a strategy game for two players.  There are lost, hidden and missing number conundrums that add up to loads of brain-busting fun.  Journey deep into concentration to solve The Perfect Pyramid.  Figure out the coin and matchstick maneuvers.  Flex your mental muscles on Word Wrestle.  IQ Boosters has more than 300 great puzzles to try!


Sit & Solve Travel Math Puzzles

Too much time on your hands while traveling?

Don't count on getting to your destination quickly, but you won't care because these math puzzles add up to a lot of fun minus any frustration. 






Clever Lunchbox Puzzles

A puzzle a day keep the lunchtime boredom away.

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly?  These colorful tear-out puzzles and a sandwich!  One side of each page is a puzzle while on the other side are hints and fun facts.  The answers stay at home in the book so there's no peeking!

Brain Busters

Challenge yourself to the outer limits of your imagination!

From the puzzle genius of Steve Ryan, comes a cornucopia of mazes, numbers and words that will set your mind reeling. There's a chuckle or a challenge in each one of the more than 200 headhobbling puzzles for you to feast upon here.

Here are "Hidden Treasures,"  devilishly deceiving word games that will take you in search of different treasures; "Fractured Phrases," a ribtickling assortment of common phrases, names and places, illustrated with an unexpected twist; "Floating Hedges,"  mazes of interlocking shapes that will make you climb the walls; "Zig-Zag," the ultimate verbal jigsaw puzzle; and more. Whatever your pleasure - be it scrambled letters, problems in logic or number quizzes - it's all here!


Challenging Pencil Puzzlers

A pencil, a load of ingenuity, and this book are all you need for hours of fun. 

Find out if you can connect six plump raspberries in the "Raspberry Ripple" maze; solve the unique "Word Wrestle" crossword puzzle using each of the letters of the alphabet only once; hone your puzzle skills with the "Century Bowl," connecting stars that must add up to exactly 100 points!

Here are words and numbers, mazes and shapes, and mechanical puzzle wonders.  And these mind-benders from the world's most famous master puzzler will challenge all your powers of concentration.



Classic Concentration
The Game  The Show   The Puzzle 
(see TV Books)


Great Rebus Puzzles

Easily Recognized Pictures plus Letters plus Words equals
Rebus Puzzles  equals Great Fun!

These tantalizing visual puzzles will perplex and entertain you ... and challenge you to try to figure out what familiar phrases the drawings represent. 

Some are pushovers, others are real nail-biters; some are designed to tickle your funny bone, while others are created to challenge the outer limits of your imagination.  They're great to play alone or with friends.  Be the first to solve the puzzle and you win!



Lunchbox Puzzles

Pack these awesome puzzles that tear out of the book with your children's sandwiches!  They can solve these bafflers by themselves or share them with lunchtime friends.  Figuring out a rhyming picture puzzle, fractured phrase, scrambler, or other intriguing puzzle each time a child opens his or her lunchbox is lots of fun.  


Mighty Mini 
Rhyming Picture Puzzles

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words."  We'll, that's not the case here.  Each rhyming picture puzzle in this book is worth only two words.  That's because each puzzle illustrates a super-duper two-word rhyme time experience that's silly to say and lots of fun to play.  For example:  If you were to see a puzzle showing Mickey Mouse's girlfriend after she went on a crash diet and lost a few too many pounds, the answer would be Skinny Minnie.  Each two-word rhyming answer is just that easy - well, you be the judge. 





Mystifying Math Puzzles

Puzzles that add up to loads of fun!

These sensational new math puzzles are packed with lost, hidden, and missing number challenges that will have you searching the nooks and crannies of your imagination!

Start simple with The World's Easiest Maze and The Easiest Dissection Puzzle.  Then journey into deep concentration to solve The Perfect Pyramid.  Or try the one aptly named Total Confusion. 

You don't have to be a math genius to solve them.  Most only use basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - they're intended to trick your thinking, not your math.

Go on and play your way through dozens of magic squares, mazes, devious dissections, logic problems, weights and dates puzzles, coin and matchstick maneuvers, and numerical word games that vary in degrees of complexity from one to two or three pencils.  Sharpen your pencils, sharpen your wits, and get ready for loads of fun. 



Our Puzzlerama

Word Mazes!
Brain - Busters!

One hundred different mind-benders - enough to set your mind whirring for hours of puzzle pleasure!

Our Puzzlerama will delight even the most jaded of quiz freaks.  All original, all different, and all fun, this grab bag of cranium-crackers will stump you, surprise you, and most of all, entertain you!

Guaranteed to sharpen your mind and your wits, Our Puzzlerama is a must for any true lover of puzzles that are zany, unusual and downright fun.



Pencil Puzzlers

World-famous puzzle wizard Steve Ryan has collected the most mind-boggling puzzles from his Copley Newspaper feature for you to do with just a sharp pencil - and a lot of persistence!

This virtuoso of vexation has created more brain-busting puzzles than anyone in the world. He's put the challenge out for you to flex your mental muscles with "Fireman's Gated Y," "Duck Soup," "Magic Stars," "Word Wrestle," "Divide and Conjure," and 73 other hair-teasing puzzles. If you're among the brave, you'll want to match wits with these mazes, math teasers, scramblers, word games, and mechanical mindwrenchers.

It doesn't matter if you're a mental giant, a genius in training, or just a noodle novice. You, too, can explore your powers of reason, logic and ingenuity. You'll have an incredibly frustrating and FUN time solving this all-star lineup.


Puzzles, Posers & Pastimes

What's your pleasure?  Word games? Number quizzes? Problems in logic? Scrambled letters? Magic mazes?

Whatever turns you on in the fascinating world of puzzles, you'll find it in this unusual collection of head hobblers - easy ones for the noodle novices; harder ones for the medula mavens.  And all of them are the creations of Steve Ryan, virtuoso of vexation, nationally known puzzle-master, whose works appear in hundreds of newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

So sharpen your pencils, and sharpen your wits ... you may be a lot smarter than you think!


Sit & Solve Pencil Puzzles


Got a few minutes?

You'll wish you had even more time because there are so many different types of challenging puzzles here that are fun to solve. 


Test Your Math IQ

Don't Just Measure your math quotient - improve it!

There are over 75 puzzles here, involving numbers, geometric shapes, and topology, which range from head-scratching challengers to hair-pulling bafflers.  You don't need any formal mathematical training to solve these, but be warned:  Using both math and logic skills, you'll stretch your brain to the limit.  By the time you finish the hardest puzzle, you'll be a math genius!


Test Your Puzzle IQ

Get ready to encounter some of the most unusual and intriguing puzzles ever invented - a pencil and some scratch paper are the only weapons you're allowed.
    Explore your powers of reason, logic and ingenuity with these labyrinths, mazes, honeycomb hexagons, overlapping and intersecting roadways, distorted figures, continuous meandering lines and linking homographs - 76 in all!  These visual vexations are intricately designed to trap you - it's your job to try to escape! Try these:  Fire Stoppers, Cryptic Calendar, Divide and Conjure.  Then go on to Reverse Gerrymander, Mathematician's Cakewalk, Geometracts, Phony Numbers and Bamboozle! Give up yet?  Sharpen your pencils and your wits - you're in for a terrific think test and hours of fun!


Test Your Word Play IQ

See how smart you are!  Try this fresh batch of puzzles that go by names like Wiggle Word, and TongueTwister!  There are 72 games in all - each one is designed to stump you, trap you, and beat you, whether you're trying to find the missing letters in a challenging anagram game, or looking for  hidden words in crisscrossing networks.

They're all uniquely constructed so that even the most experienced puzzle solver will find them a real challenge.  Dynamic illustrations make the puzzles even more fun!  A pencil is all it takes to join the fun, along with a double dose of patience and determination. 


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