With more than 12,000 published brain busting bafflers to Steve Ryan's credit, his work is often used in compilation books.  All of Steve's puzzle creations used in these books have previously been published under other titles.  

Little Giant Book of Brain Twisters

So you want to know just how smart you are?  You're about to find out!  These brain twisters are a challenge, but trying to solve them will give you hours and hours of fun.  Find your way through mazes, get to the bottom of mysteries, work out the world's most incredible "domino" puzzle, and much more! 



Giant Book of Math Fun

Perform "arithmetricks," "math magic," and "subtraction sorcery"!

  • Coin capers:  Guess how many coins someone removed from a bowl while your back was turned.  You'll get it right every time!
  • Pull a switcheroo on a pal:  All you'll need is a deck of cards and some sleight of hand.
  • Do some calculator conjuring - and up will come anyone's year of birth and age.

Or you can break codes, reveal "family secrets," and defeat some "wicked numbers."  No matter what you do - it adds up to loads of fun!



Giant Book of Puzzles

 Word puzzles, pencil puzzles, math puzzles, whodunit puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles - whatever type of puzzle you like, it's in here.  Get ready to use your smarts, because some of these mazes, problems, and tricky games are really perplexing. 

Play pinball with a pencil, take some pennies and try some "seven cents sense," solve a sticky problem with pickup sticks - and much, much more!


Giant Book of Puzzles

If you love puzzles, this is the collection you must have.  Not only is it huge, but you'll also find a wide variety of many different kinds of brain-baffling, mind-boggling puzzles to challenge you for many days to come.

  • Find out whether you're impossibly smart at rhyming picture puzzles

You'll have hours and hours of brain-twisting, puzzling fun ahead of you!

The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Mensa Mind Teasers

This huge collection of Mensa mind teasers is a puzzle fanatic's dream come true.   Prove your prowess on all of the most popular puzzle varieties, from crosswords and  checker problems and cryptograms.  With the hundreds of visual and brain stumpers here, you'll never be at a loss for a challenge.  


Mind Bending Maze Puzzles

Getting lost has never been such fun!  Prepare to be amazed, fascinated, captivated and ultimately delighted by this stunning collection of intricate labyrinths and mind-bending maze puzzles.

The challenge of finding your way through each design is a treat for maze-lovers and puzzle-fiends alike!



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