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"We loved Steve's game from the moment we played it!  After hearing that his daughter Ali helped him develop and test it, we knew we had an instant hit on our hands.  Combine that with Steve's extensive TV game show background and you've got pure, creative fun inside the box!" - Educational Insights 

How to play: 
Use sticks and stones to convey specific words - caveman style!  Perfect for mixed-aged groups, children and adults, single or team play.  No drawing skills required!  Players roll to bid on how many pieces their team will use to make the assigned picture from the challenge card.  The lowest bidder has to build the image with the fewest number of sticks and stones.  The team who correctly guesses the picture before time runs out scores points to win. 

Layout for the back of the box

back of box

Steve Ryan - Inventor of Stix & Stones

Long Beach, CA
Pet(s):  Bingo the dog is almost 4 years old.  We found him at an animal shelter.  Ali gave him the perfect name for a game designer family. 
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? :  Game Creator.  I had the passion at a very young age.  I remember making my first game in the 5th grade.  I still have it.  I might share it on Facebook someday.
Favorite teacher and why?:  Guy Hixon.  He gave me the nickname "Ham on Ryan"  He also gave me confidence and inspiration. 
Favorite sound:  The crack of a baseball bat hitting a home run.
Most unusual gift received:  Dice that were found in a house that burned to the ground.  They have a story to tell and look the part.  I've been collecting dice for many years.  I have hundreds of all shapes, colors and sizes. 
If you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be and why?:  Kumquat.  It has to be the highest possible scoring fruit in the game of Scrabble.
Worst fear(s):  Snakes and committees
My best advice to everyone:  The sooner you figure out what you are good at, and what you enjoy doing, the sooner you can achieve your dreams. 
Favorite game show phrase:  "I'd like to buy a vowel."  I use it constantly whenever I see a personalized license plate that I can't solve. 

Alison was instrumental in developing and testing Stix & Stones to make it a game that would be loved by both kids and adults.  She was honored with a TAGIE (Toy & Game Inventor) nomination in 2010 for young inventor of the year.     Tagie Nomination

Ryan Family photo 

Stix & Stones received the Parent's Choice 2010 Award for new game.  It's not just a great family's great for adult play and child's play.  Here Steve, Ali and Cathi pose with a Stix & Stones image to promote Stix & Stones as a family game for all to enjoy. 


Can you identify these Stix & Stones images?  All of these images were utilized in an Educational Insights contest.  You can find these answers and follow all of the latest Stix & Stones events on Facebook. 



Stix & Stones Rule Guide   

Stix & Stones Rule Guide       

Stix & Stones Rule Guide

Stix & Stones Rule Guide

Stix & Stones Rule Guide