Steve's talent as a maze and puzzle creator made regular appearances in Nickelodeon, Nick and Nicktoons magazines.  Mathematical and educational puzzles such as these are great for kids of all ages.    

You can beat the August heat at Antarctic Park.  But you need to get through it as quickly as possible or you'll freeze solid!  To avoid this chilly fate, you must find the one route that takes you to all four attractions without crossing your own path or backtracking.  Have an ice time!


It's Thanksgiving, and Hoover the dog is under the dining room table.  He wants to get all the fallen scraps.  To do so, he must travel from square to square over every part of the rug while following the four rules of his plan.
Here is Hoover's plan for his scrap-gathering mission:
1.  Hoover wants to eat the big scraps in this order:  turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and pumpkin pie.
2.  He can move up, down, left and right from square to square - but not diagonally.
3.  Though he must visit every square, he can't cross his own path or backtrack.
4.  Hoover does not have to return to the START point to finish.  Once he's had the pumpkin pie, he'll just lie down where he is for a nap. 


Using a pencil, help Danny Phantom get through this maze of his deadliest foes.  He needs to go past all nine villains in order from weakest to strongest without backtracking or crossing over his own path. 

Hints:  There is only one path that takes Danny from START to FINISH.  The fourth villain in order from weakest to strongest is Valerie Grey. 

Flappy Bob wants to transform himself from a boring businessman into his true clown self.  To do that, he must collect the five clown items while avoiding those pesky Pixies, H.P. and Sanderson.  Can you find the one path that will bring Flappy back to his greasepaint glory?

You can't retrace your footsteps, but you can continue on a path that travels over or under another path.  The five items can be collected in any order, but you can't enter the areas with the Pixies.  If you need a hint, turn the page upside down. 







Jennie Slip has lost her snorkel.  Joey Slide has lost his bathing suit.  Help both kids find their way through this humongous water-slide maze to the pools with their missing objects.

1.  Jennie and Joey can't use any of the same pools or slides, though the slides they use may cross.
2.  Neither kid can slide into a pool that has other kids, a shark, an octopus, a desert, a sea monster, or pee in it.
3.  The kids can only go down slides, not up.
4.  Each kid has to end in the correct final pool.  No fair going to the wrong pool and then getting out and jumping in the right one!


These 10 scuba divers will be safer if they are each paired up with a buddy in a swimsuit of the same color.  Can you separate the group into five pairs by drawing four - and only four - straight lines?

Hints:  Use a ruler or some other straight edge to draw the lines (or you won't be able to tell if they touch the divers or not.) And use a pencil with a good eraser.  

1.  The lines do not need to touch two edges of the tank.  But each pair of divers must be completely closed off from the other pairs.  
2.  The lines can touch or cross each other.
3.  The lines cannot touch the scuba divers. 






Twelve-year-old Phyllis Steen is at the local art museum and she's bored out of her mind.  To entertain herself, she has come up with six things to while her parents ooh and aah over the exhibits.  Her To-Do List to next to the museum entrance.  Help Phyllis find the one route through the museum that will allow her to do all six things before meeting her parents near the exit.  Note: The items on the To-Do List are not in the correct order.  And Phyllis is not allowed to cross her own path. 

To-Do List:
1.  Catch a breath of fresh air in the atrium.
2.  Get a soda at the cafe
3.  Buy a Mona Lisa snow globe at the Museum Shop
4.  Use the restroom
5.  Check out the room with all the armor
6.  Check out the mummy workshop

It's time for some jellyfishing!  SpongeBob wants to max out his catch at Jellyfish Fields.  Can you find the one path through the maze that allows SpongeBob to snag exactly 10 jellyfish?  

Rules:  SpongeBob's net can only hold 10 jellyfish.  He needs to reach FINISH with that amount - no more, no less.  Whenever SpongeBob travels through a jellyfish space, the jellyfish is considered caught.  SpongeBob can't travel over the same path twice.  



To make touring the White House more exciting, the producers of the nonexistent TV show TroubleDare have changed the route of the Oval Office into two game-show style mazes.  In each maze, you  must pass through three obstacles, avoiding the dead ends.  Then sneak past the Secret Service to shake hands with the President himself.  Race a friend or try each maze separately. 


Juliana has $49 with which to buy five holiday gifts - one for each of her unusual friends shown below.  Guide her to the checkout in this chaotic store, picking up one gift for each friend as you go.  Time is of the essence (Juliana waited until the last minute), so you can't go backward, cross your own path, or cross a gift that you don't want to buy.  Each gift is in an oval of one of five colors, depending on which friend it could be for. (Hint:  Before you start, cross off the most expensive gift in each color category so you stay in your budget.)

Michelle J., a basketball player, needs foot-related products. (yellow)

Captain Beano, an undersea explorer, likes stuff filled with air.  (purple)

MC Chef Boyee, a rapper, wants cooking supplies. (red)

T-3000 Cy-bot, a robot, could always use some electrical equipment.  (green)

T.S. Winthrop, Esq., a gorilla, would love some clothes.  (orange)


Balls tend to disappear down the holes of this gopher-filled golf course.  The gophers are willing to return the balls, but you have to help them out.  Follow the rules and figure out what path each gopher will take to the surface and how many balls each will bring up. 

1.  The gophers aren't equally strong.  One gopher carries three balls, another carries two balls, and the third carries only one.  (You'll figure out which is which.)
2.  The gophers will return the balls to the holes with flags that match their outfits (red to red, yellow to yellow, blue to blue).
3.  A gopher picks up a golf ball by passing over it.
4.  The gophers can't cross each other's paths or retrace their steps.
5.  The gophers can't pass through the obstacles.


Can you find the correct path through the tunnels?  You  must follow these rules.  Enter at START and exit at FINISH.  You must visit all five stations before exiting.  You must visit the dinner table station first.  You cannot leave the tunnels or travel along the same passage more than once.  





Three guests at a crowded Halloween costume party want to get to the punch bowl.  But all three have quirky phobias, or fears, that make getting to their destination tricky.  Andra has a fear of clowns.  Clive is frightened by bugs and anything that reminds him of bugs.  Chloe is deathly afraid of small children dressed as superheroes.  Help these fearful folks choose the shortest path through the crowd that will not take them past or next to the objects of their fears.  Each of the three must take a different path. 


Timmy wants to visit A.J. but he has to avoid vicious Vicky and creepy Mr. Crocker.  In order to make sure he isn't spotted, Timmy will have Wanda and Cosmo POOF him around town.  Follow Da Maze Rules and get Timmy to his pals in one piece!  (Make sure you use a pencil with a good eraser.)

Da Maze Rules:  When Timmy enters a POOF cloud, he is magically transported to the other POOF cloud of the same color.  Before reaching the FINISH, Timmy must use all of the POOF clouds:  blue, pink, green and yellow (not necessarily in that order).  Timmy cannot travel over the same path twice.  Timmy can't pass Vicky or Crocker.  


To beat the winter blahs,  this ant uses this rug as a maze.  staying only on the light parts of the carpet, help the bug find its way to the other end (where it can have some spilled chips.)

Where, Wolf? 
This werewolf has a hot date.  Can you take him from start to finish, stopping at all five grooming stations along the way? (Those grooming stations are: Hairstyling, Manicure, Tailoring, Bouquet purchase and Tick removal.)  You cannot travel along the same path twice.  There's only one correct route to his big date. 


Turkey Trot
Hally Halftime has to get from the Thanksgiving table to the TV room in time to nab the last seat for an afternoon of football and commercials.  But first she must tackle five post-feast tasks. (Those tasks as identified in each room are:  Go to bathroom.  Change out of nice clothes.  Load dishwasher.  Show diorama to uncles.  Burp.) There is only one path that will allow her to accomplish all five tasks without using the same path twice.  Can you find it?  Note:  you can travel under crisscrossing paths.  


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