This section contains a miscellaneous cornucopia of puzzles, games and insights not covered in other sections.




The immensely popular TV game show is back and more exciting than ever, once again with Steve Ryan's fabulous rebus creations!  The five-reel, multi-line wide-area progressive video slot on the New Cash For Life link rivets players' attention again and again by challenging them to play the on-screen puzzles for lucrative bonus credits. 



Blockbusters Box Game

Steve's popular NBC game show has also surfaced in the form of several box games and paperback books.



Concentration Box GameS

Steve created the rebus puzzles for both box games marketed by Endless Games.  









Splash down Prototype

Every game has to begin somewhere.  Here we see the guru of games in his laboratory playing with an early model of 'Splash Down.'  All it took were 10 billiard balls, 18 pencils and a couple of pieces of plexiglas and presto a new game is born!



High Rise Perfection

It's the night before 'Wrecking Ball' makes its debut on Illinois Instant Riches..  Steve pulls a late night in the carpenter shop at WGN to make sure that all of  the buildings are perfectly balanced and meet weight specifications.  




A true perfectionist, Steve considers all aspects of a game.  Right down to what kind of splash is most desirable for the TV camera.  Here we see Steve examining a splashdown for 'Splash Down.' 



From The Fire…

 …Into the frying pan.  Steve Ryan adds  sizzle to the world of puzzles and games. That's right, before Blockbusters and Brain Busters Steve was a Firebuster (that's a firefighter, engineer and acting fire captain) in Orange County, California for more than seven years.  In his spare hours at the firehouse Steve created and tested his puzzles and games on the crew.  Even fire hoses found their way into one of his puzzles (see Puzzle Gallery to play.)  



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